Safeguarding the data use and data
ownership of Travelers around the world.
Partners Technology
  • Token:
    Travelit Token

  • Symbol:

  • Token Standard:

  • Minimium Purchase:
    .05 ETH

  • Maximum Purchase:
    150 ETH
  • Start:
    October 31, 2018 (10th Aniversary of Bitcoin whitepaper)

  • Ends:
    Until empty ICO supply

  • Curriencies Acepted:

  • Secure Methods of Token Purchase:
    Etherium Multi-sig contract

  • Smart Contract Address:
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What's Travelit

A Network where Travelers
monetize adn store the Value
of their reviews, recommendations
and referals for their benefit
as one community.

Our Vision

We believe that with further
improvement certain breakthrough
solutions will occur in order to establish
new standards of how businesses will
manage travelers and customers
data in the near future.


A Blockchain is a distributed database,
which makes the creation of a digital
ledger of transactions and shares
it among a distributed network
of computers.

Blockchain Technology

Applied to our Platform will bring Chronology, Accountability, Iternization, Permanency, Perpetuity, for personal use scientific use or commercial use.

Travelers information is private

Is a place where information is protected, itemized, segured and This value and forms of Value in essence we mean information meaning prictures, videos, people, places things.

People can do mapping of their day by day traveling

Record life events, new discoveries, friendships, explorations and during this process "mark" on the map their discoveries that could be monetized by other users or businesses that have access to the Network.

A Marketplace

Where Travelers or Data issuers can decide to monetize their information for personal profit through LIT or Travelit Tokens.


It is fair to reward traveler's
commensurately with the amount
and quality of "Likes" their posts
attract as these "Likes" reflect the
value of the attraction factor each
post brings to the community.


Producing all the data and content
the platforms thrive on and getting
nothing in return, whilst making
billions of dollars for the platforms
in the process.


The Travelit Blockchain technology
is structured to create smart
contracts for reviews, comments, recommendations and referrals, in
order to maintain pointers to data,
save the identification number of
the user-generated data.

It is our sincere objetive to create confidence and trust within the Lits token holder community.
Thus, allocation of tokens will be done in the following proportions as shown in the chart immediately below.

Record life events, new discoveries, friendships, explorations, and during this proccess "mark" on the map their discoveries that could be monetized by other users or businesses that have access to the Network.

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